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Hi Booster Lite

Love from our clients around the world

Focus on user experience, suitable for more scenarios (WIFI, 4G/5G), easier to use .

Milton Austin
CPO - Artin Tech

Focus on the user experience, the interface is simple, the difficulty of use is reduced, and the visual effect is better .

Design - Artin Tech

Focus on application fluency. Tiny size, more safer, No additional permissions required.

Engineer - Artin Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Touch 'START' button on the homepage. Also please trust this application if your device asks for permission.
VPN is Virtual Private Network by Using VPN, you can use public WI-FI securely,protect your privacy, bypass the web censorship and content survelillance and access to the restricted contents.
Please touch the CONNECTED button to close VPN.
Please touch the refresh button in the upper right corner. Then retry connecting.
We use SSL to encrypt your internet data. Your data is undecipherable to prying eyes while in transit. Also, VPN does not log your activites So please feel safe.

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